Welcome to Miss Ethnic Non-Specific

Thank you for an amazing premiere run in Portland - we are planning more shows soon!

We just finished our first run at Shaking-The-Tree Theater and are thrilled to report that nearly every show was SOLD OUT!  See below for a sampling of audience comments and click here for a small photo gallery. We plan to bring to more cities and festivals soon.  Oh and check out this segment on Portland Today on the show!

About the Show

Miss Ethnic Non-Specific

The show explores my own journey  to find identity and self-acceptance, and deals with topics like race,  heritage, misogyny, trying to fit into the molds of others...and then shattering them into a million pieces. I am finally comfortable  with who I am and want to share my journey of pain, pursuit of Hollywood  acting, growth, humor and ultimately, love.  

As we navigate through a  world that in this moment in time has deeply rooted challenges I feel  this piece is more important than ever.  Stereotypes abound and I want  to punch through those stereotypes. This show is my contribution to that  dialogue. The hope is to take this show on the road and broaden the  reach of our message.  Check out this segment on Portland Today with me talking about the show. 

Audience Comments

  "The Portland Mercury recommends it and so do I. Timely, energetic, fabulous show."

"This show not only touches on issues of racism and the struggles of being different but it's something I completely relate to. What a incredible job, the raw emotions, the struggles, the passion! ..a MUST SEE!"

"Kristina Haddad Explains It All For You...a show about the search for identity and embracing your authentic self. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hum Tammy Wynette tunes..."

" My son loved it and gave it a 10 (rare for him!)! He never gives anything a 10, so I'm pleased he enjoyed it so much. The search for identity, and the weight of identity is something he can understand."

"Miss Ethnic Non-Specific: To every ethnic girl who wanted to fit in, straighten their hair, massage the "pronounced bump" out of their nose, pinch their cheeks to have "high" cheekbones, opened their eyes "wider" to have "bigger eyes"..let's just say this one woman show by my acting mentor Kristina Haddad moved me to tears."  

“It is a play that speaks universally to anyone who has looked in the mirror and tried to change their appearance, or tried as hard as they can to fit into a box to be accepted.”

“This play is going places. I am hoping it can tour around our nation to inspire young and old that who we are as we are, is enough.”

“This show is powerful, relevant, truthful.”

“I loved it and didn't want it to end! Your writing was fluid and moving, and your performance was fantastic! I felt like I was right there with you in the smelly beauty parlor, the smoky car, the casting director's audition room, the pageant stage…”

“I LOVED Miss Ethnic Non-Specific! I laughed, I cried, I was so engaged. Just need to acknowledge the beauty, talent, depth, range, and intelligence of this piece.”  

Show Times and Tickets

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